Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Striking Gold!

I love garage sales! I just wanted to say that loudly and freely to the world. I remember when I was younger I would have just died of embarrassment, if anyone saw me at a sale. I’d duck down to the floorboards of the car, while my mom was shopping. Now, on the other hand…I will hold up traffic to get to those treasures. I have even trained my girls to look for those beautiful signs. I have really pushed that yard sales and thrift shops are good places to save money. I think it has worked, because since they were about the age of two they’ve called Goodwill “The Treasure Store”. And still beg to stop.

Anyway…Memorial and Labor Day weekends are great yard sale weekends in our area. I have done a post about it in the past. This last holiday weekend I was pickier than usual. I normally collect lots of goods, but considering last year I sold almost everything we owned I proceeded with caution. I tried to find furniture items mostly. Things I would definitely use or could upcycle and sell. One sale we pulled up in the drive and I saw stars!

Many people have bucket lists of things they want to do over their life time. Well…I have one for garage sales.
I have looked years and years for these vintage lawn chairs. I know there are reproductions, but there’s nothing like the real thing. When I spotted them I had to contain my excitement. If the lady selling knew how badly I wanted them she might not come down on the price. I’m not much of a negotiator, but something got into me that day. There were only two chairs (I wish there had been more) and she wanted $10 a piece for them (which is an extremely good price). I felt like I couldn’t justify spending $20 for lawn chairs that I didn’t need. However…I could possibly justify $15. I was playing psychological games with myself…Dave Ramsey would be harassing me if he were there. I looked causally at the lady, knowing this is the second day of her sale. And she still had lots to sell. So…I blurted out “WILL YOU TAKE $15 FOR BOTH”! She paused and sighed and said, “yes”. Now they are mine and I love them.

I’m going to sand them down and paint them bright red. I’m hoping to do it today, but that depends on the rain. As soon as I’m done I’ll post these beauties.


Unknown said...

When we moved into our previous house there were 3 of those fan chairs in the shed. Hubby sanded off the rust and painted them, 2 red and 1 orange. They made the move with us and are currently residing in my back yard.
You got a good deal, I've seen them for $60, with rust!

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