Monday, September 3, 2012

Peacock Blue

I have a new favorite color of spray paint! Valspar's Peacock Blue is absolutely gorgeous. I bought it last evening to revamp some lamps.
Next, I need to work on the shades.
I loved this color so much that I decided to drag the coffee table to the back yard to paint.
The new coffee table color clashes with the rug, so I guess I'm on another hunt.
Does it ever end?
On to other things...
Today, I had planned on painting my new bed from the Labor Day Sales. I went to get my only paint brush and it was as hard as a rock. Sadly I had forgotten to clean it from the last time I used it. I made a pact with myself , I was not leaving my house for anything today. The bed will have to wait a couple more days.
Have a restful day.


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