Saturday, August 13, 2011


Howdy Everyone!
Why did I just say that? It must be wishful thinking. I so desperately want to be a farmer. Maddie picked a watermelon from the garden this morning. I'm quite sure it wasn't ready to pick, but she ate it anyway.

Now for the armoire organization. This isn't anything fabulous, but definitely looks much better.
Click here


No, you are not seeing things. Those are VHS tapes. I have been all over searching for them. Remember I told you my children have broken five DVD players (computer and laptop included). I decided no more! We've been using the VCR for four months now, and it's still kickin.
Back to the redo...
As you can see I painted the armoire. I used chalkboard paint inside the doors.
Here's the link to the armoire redo I did last summer.

Moving on...

Mom has been working on the chairs. They look quite nice. She painted them black and recovered the seats.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Best 10 cents ever!

What can you do with 10 cents?

I made my mother go back to a yard sale and get this. I used a little high gloss white spray paint.

After that I decided to paint some real glass, it was very easy. Just don't over spray because it can easily drip.


I've been off for a few days, so I'm working on some projects.

Here's a sneak peak for tomorrow!

Have a restful day.

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