Friday, September 10, 2010

Goodbye Rue

Some of you out there in blog land have heard the sad news. Rue's Peanut Butter and Jelly Life is closing shop, after two and half years. Rue's blog was the first blog I began to follow. She gave me an escape from the real world, when I really needed it.  She inspired me to start my blog. I loved looking at her projects, listening to her music, and her cute husband was fun to look at too (LOL).  Please stop by and read her final post, especially you bloggers. What she has to say is very true about blog land. Also, please leave her a goodbye comment.

Thank You Rue!


Rue said...

Hi sweet Jess :)

You are so kind. Thank you for the goodbye post. It is so hard to say goodbye, but I just have to. Thank you for loving my blog and please remember to always stay true to yourself.


Anonymous said...

Rue's Blog was wonderful.It made me feel that things ARE possable with hard work and GOOD pictures to go

Anonymous said...

I miss Rue's blog. I hope to see her back soon. ;)

Cathy said...

I read Rue's Blog for a long time, until I left Blog Land! I'm so sorry to see Rue has closed up for good! Take care Rue!

{{Big Hugs}}


Kathi said...

I'm sad too. I used to read Rue's blog every day. Is there a way we could encourage her to come back? Could she open her blog for us to read her old stories again? If she is too busy she would not have to comment. Hugs, Kathi

Karissa said...

I agree with you Kathi. I also LOVED following her stories. Wish she'd send out a quick post for us. I miss her ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree I miss her posts - wonder how all her little dogs are doing?

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