Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thrifty Junk

 In the spirit of making blog changes, I've decided to try out a theme day. We'll give it a try and see if it goes anywhere. Every Thursday I will share a thrifty treasure. And in a couple of weeks I'll start a link-up party, where you can share your finds.
The first two junk treasures came from an elderly woman in a nearby town. Mother and I bought multiple things from the lady (including the Coke syrup bottles and blue luggage I posted several days back).
This old banged-up lunch box was the first item that caught my attention.
What really caught my attention was the price $1.00. Did or do I know what I'm going to do with this thing? Heck no. If someone told me ten years ago I would be buying this, I would've laughed.
At the garage sale checkout I saw a pair of well loved roller skates hanging on a fence. I went back-and-forth on whether I should buy them. The woman said she'd sell them for $3.00
Then she proceeded to tell me...
...these skates were originally her mothers. Then they were passed onto her. She talked about how much they loved to skate. After all the reminiscing, I of course bought them. I think I'm going to display them in one of the girl's rooms.
 I loved this sale. Not only because I got lots of deals, but I found a treasure that told a story
See you soon!


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