Monday, June 9, 2014

Chicken Coop Remodel Part 2

The chicken coop make-over took about two weeks. Working at part-time speed. And let me tell you... I was more than glad when it was over. Dad was too. I think if I added or changed one more thing he would have disowned me.

First thing I have to say about my father is that nothing he uses goes to waste. He tore down a fence someone was getting rid of and has recycled every bit of it. From the recycled fence he added slats to the doors and completely covered the back side.

I painted the inside and out. My mother thought red would be a great color for the inside. Needless to say...we found out later chickens are frightened by the color red (which I will tell you about that in another post). The outside color of the coop matches the color of our house.

Dad pulled the chicken wire off and I spray painted it black.You wouldn't believe what a difference a small change like this made. 

I bought a 9x5 roll linoleum flooring, for easy cleaning.  Dad attached it with  washers and screws for easy removal.

After painting, we cut a large branch and hung it from the ceiling for the birds to roost.

I added old wood crates for their beds (until we build nesting boxes). Dad attached a shutter for easy entry. And lastly to complete, I added a farm house picture. 

So there you have it!

Have a restful night.


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