Sunday, September 25, 2011

5yr Old Martha Wannabe

I'm slowly putting together my dining room (I've only lived in this house for two years now). Maddie put together a fall arrangement for me, with the gourds she grew in the garden (not too bad for a 5yr old). Mother also contributed as always, a table runner and the chairs.

Maddie added dried Marigolds to the "table scape" (per Maddie's words). Something I just wouldn't have thought of.

You never know what kids are going to say, most of the time I hold my breath and pray. The other day out of the blue Maddie says, "Martha Stewart is practically the most perfect person...Mom she can do just about anything". I have not watched or read Martha in a long time (since we don't have TV). Where do they come up with stuff?

Have a restful night.


violet said...

such cute girls they did a great job on the table

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