Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chenille Bedspread and $10.

Last summer I bought a wingback chair for $10. In my brain I thought I would slip cover it right away with a chenille bedspread. Instead, I used it has a clothes hanger in my bedroom.

I can't seem to find my before pics, so I'll show you how it all came together. I do not do PATTERNS! I've never been able to figure them out.

Basically, I pieced and pinned everything together.

Then I sew it.

Not to shabby!
And it only cost $10, and a huge mess.


 We've been very busy. The girls are back to school.

The garden did OK this year. I planted very late, now I'm finally ready to pick tomatoes. There's not as many as last year.

Lots of gourds.

Hope all of you are well!
See you soon.


violet said...

you did a great job recovering the chair all i can say is wow

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