Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thrifty Junk Thursday no. 7

Tonight folks I've got a metal cabinet.
I bought this at a moving sale this summer for $3. Next week I start my vacation, so I hope to get it painted finally.
On to other things...
Today was Lilly's 5th birthday.
We had a mini family party. In a few weeks we are having a costume birthday party, so stay tuned. 

Lilly and I made a simple homemade cake. I had to jazz it up a bit, so we took out wall stencils, cookie cutters and some colored sugar. I carefully sprinkled the sugar inside the stencil/cookie cutter, and it looked pretty good. Then Lilly found a pig cookie cutter. She decided a purple pig would complete the cake, so we added a pig too.
While we ate our cake, we heard a knock at the door. There were two terrified boys about nine or ten year's old standing (with the deer in headlights look). They said they were from the Boy Scouts, even though they didn't have their "vestes" on (I internally chuckled). I figured this must be a sales call for popcorn. Instead, they were there to "do a good deed". I thought it was so sweet. Then the boys offered to rake my yard, which is pretty big. I told them that would be fine, but I didn't expect them to do the whole yard. Just do what they thought was the right amount. I gave them a couple of rakes and went inside. I sent Maddie out with some cupcakes to feed them and about fifteen minutes later they were at the door. The boy who seem to do most of the talking said, "this looks like a pretty good amount...this should do you good".
I nearly lost it. There was a 1 x 2ft pile of leaves. They raked a 10 x 10ft area(maybe). I thanked them over and over again. They proudly jumped on their bikes and were on their way. Then I laughed my butt off.
Have a good evening.


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