Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today, I'm recovering from total exhaustion.
I got a brilliant idea to work 16 hours yesterday, which turned into 17 hours. My day started at 4:30am and ended 1:30am, then I had to get up at 7:45am this morning to get Maddie ready for preschool.  I've been absolutely worthless today. I use to work 16hr shifts quite a bit, I was even able to stay up for 2-3 days at time (if necessary). I've come to the realization that I'm officially old (a young old that is). Recently, someone asked me my age and I had to calculate it. I couldn't remember my thirty-first birthday. One day I was talking with a friend about high school reunions, and I said my ten year was coming up. Then I realized it was my fifteenth.
Where does the time go? 
And where did my mind go?


Here are some pics of a Halloween tree/arrangement in my family room.

Have a restful night!


Chrissie said...

Hope you get caught up on some shut-eye!

Kat from California said...

I bet you could work that shift and not be tired before having your beautiful daughters. Whew!! I bet you're beat.

Thanks for the kind comments on my wicker set. I hope you are starting to love your Hoosier. :)


Hi Jess,
It sound like you need some rest!
I like your Halloween arrangement.
All the best,

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