Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend Project

Hoosier Cabinet

My mother picked this up for me at a family auction last weekend. My goal (now I said goal) is to have the after pics tomorrow night. This baby needs a lot of TLC.

One last thing...

Maddie requested I post her, with her art work.


Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Maddie's artwork is amazing! Great colors!
The cabinet is a treasure! Cannot wait to see
it finished.

Flora Doora

Maddie Lumpkin said...

Maddie you are quite the artist.Great job!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how it turns out, I'm sure you will make it look good! My mom bought an old hoosier for me at a family auction for $5.00 and it turned out to be my great grandma's, it wasn't in as good shape as yours though.
Great work Maddie!

Anonymous said...

oooh your mum is the best! can't wait to see how it turns out....Maddie's artwork is so good and bless her little heart she looks so proud...i would love a daughter you must have so much fun,
love Kristina x

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