Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Strange Weather

Today the weather was very unusual, tornado warnings and thunder storms. I took this picture while looking out my window. Fortunately, we did not have to go to the basement. We just stayed inside all day.

This evening I did run to the garden to check on our one-and-only pumpkin. I planted the seeds late, so only one survived. I was hoping it would be ready by trick-or-treat, but sadly she didn't make it. Her stem had been broken by the storm, and she just barely started to turn orange.

Next year I'll definitely plant pumpkins early.

As for the rest of the garden...

It's pretty much dead.
I think I had a very successful first garden. About 300lbs. of tomatoes, popcorn, 3 heads of cauliflower (We did not eat), tons of peppers, green beans, squash and loads of zucchini.
You're probably wondering why we didn't eat the cauliflower.
Well if you haven't grown cauliflower, don't grow it if you don't care for worms. The short green chubby ones. My mother told me when I picked it to soak it in salt water for several days, to get the bugs out. I did that. Then I started cutting it apart and saw them. They were dead, but I nearly vomited. For now and forever I will always buy my cauliflower (even though at some point it had worms).

There is actually still some cauliflower growing in the garden.

Have a good night!


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