Saturday, July 17, 2010

Exposing Junk and Clutter

    I'm going to give you a taste of my junk furniture and clutter. When I moved last year I bought an armoire off of Ebay. I should have known it wasn't meant to be, because I lost it in the first auction.   Later it was reposted, and it cost me a lot more.  I think I paid $80 for it. Let me tell you, I couldn't get half of that now for the piece of junk. My father went with me to haul it home. When we arrived, I could see the look in his eyes. He could just kill me for buying it. I walked into the seller's house,  not realizing she had a sunken living room. Lets just say, I fell into the living room. After I got my scruples together, I promised her I wasn't going to sue. Then I looked up and saw the most God Awful thing. There was a two-toned (green and orange stain), crooked door, bent knob armoire that swayed when you tried to move it. I could just feel the heat from my father's eyes for sure now, I stopped making eye contact. Needless to say we got it home in one piece. Dad stabilized it, so it was a little sturdier.  My  mother thought we should still leave it two-toned, so it could have more "character" We spray painted the green black, and that's what you see now. The whole point for buying the armoire in the first place was for storage. There is hardly any storage in the downstairs of the Rented Cottage.  I use it to hold all the kids art supplies. As you can see from the pictures it definitely needs some TLC. My goal is to post no later than Wednesday, the new and improved organized armoire. Wish me luck!

   Have a great weekend!  I will not be back until early next week, its back to work for the weekend.


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