Monday, July 19, 2010

The New Bra

    I was telling a friend this story last night, so I thought I'd share it with you. A few weeks ago I decided it was time to buy a new bra. The one-and-only bra I own, should have retired a very long time ago.   The the first wire came out  about one year ago,  so I adjusted the opposite strap higher. This way the girls would appear even. A few months later the other wire poked me in the face while driving, so I just pulled it all the way out. We seemed to be able to continue working together, like partners in crime. After washing the bra repeatedly, the sides began to wear so thin that giant holes developed. The day came when I looked into the mirror and realized, I  looked like an ox with breasts hanging down to her waist. You might say to yourself, Jess why didn't you just go buy a new bra.  I'm a single mother who doesn't receive child support, so a bra becomes an absolute luxury. Not until the day I had the "ox moment", did I realize that it had become a necessity.
  I excitedly went to Target to choose the new bra. I felt like I was buying a new Ferrari. I glanced over all of them, until I found the sturdy models. I thought I better buy white, and one that could handle over a thousand washings. One for $20 popped out at me, it seemed like a lot of money. I had a feeling we were meant to be together, so I took the plunge and bought it.
  When I arrived home, I rushed into the bathroom to try it on. I ripped the tags off and tossed them aside. When I put the bra on it felt different. I can't explain it, just different. I thought maybe it was due to wearing a really stretched out bra for so long. I just didn't know. I went about me business for the day. That evening when I went back into the bathroom to get ready for bed, I looked down at the tags on the floor. There was a strange picture. I picked up the tag and saw a women holding a baby. I BOUGHT A NURSING BRA!


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