Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goodbye ER

As I drove into work last Sunday, I could feel the pit of my stomach in my throat. I couldn't really believe that this was it. The end of my ER saga. I'm remaining casual, but it's not quite the same. I asked myself, "self, am I making the right decision leaving?" Many friends and nurses from the outside (of the ER life), have said..."you'll love the new job or you wont miss the ER". When you've only known one type of nursing, it's a little scary.

This job can to be very stressful. No one tells you before hand, all the different hats you where as an ER nurse.  Plus, you need to know a little about every field of nursing. Patients come in with all kinds of complaints, ingrown toe nails to heart attacks to yeast infections. It's like what Forrest Gump says, ..."it's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get".

Examples of the

Social Worker



Cage fighter

FBI agent


Children's Services



And Nurse

I'm not exaggerating either! I have taken all of those roles at some point (maybe not all at once).
There are probably many more I've forgotten.

The hardest part about leaving, is leaving my ER family. They have been through all the major milestone stones in my life, graduating, marriage, children and divorce. I can't imagine replacing them. They are the best of the best.

Today, I went to get my new badge. I turned in the old worn out one that said Emergency Department. And replaced it with Patient Care Services, it hurt a little bit. If you know anyone who is a Marine, then you'll understand this. Once a Marine always a Marine.  You can never take it away from them. The same goes for ER nurses. It may have been stripped from my badge, but I will always be one at heart.

As I drove away from the hospital today, I felt a complete sense of relief. I no longer could feel my stomach in my throat. I know I made the right decision. Now, I can begin a new saga in my life.


laughwithusblog said...

Change is always hard for me! I hope it is an easy and enjoyable adjustment!

deanna flesher said...

i've always said the ER was my home, when I left I felt like a part of me was left there too. I loved my time in the ER but I knew it was over and time to readjust and find some other new adventure. I love you every person I ever worked with during my 20+ yrs in the ER and have taken bits and pieces with me each time I moved and changed jobs. Love you Jess, I'll miss seeing ya daily. Good luck, take some time and relax. You so deserve it.

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