Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gotta Love Those Big Girls and Toothless Frogs!

    A few months ago a very hilarious incident occurred at work (I'm still cracking-up about it). Some of you may not find it funny, but since I'm a "plus girl" and can laugh about it. I say it's okay. I'm a pretty laid back person, so most things don't bother me. This incident is one of them, however, my good friend Kim nearly blew a gasket. I was working in the urgent care area of the ER. There are seven beds lettered A-G, most traffic occurs in front of room A. The ice machine, bathroom, entrance and exit are located in this area, so there are not many ways to avoid it. A new patient was placed in room A. As I walked by and glanced in the room, a tall skinny toothless man was giving me sexy eyes. I thought to myself, you just imagined that. The next time I walked past the room, he was laying on his side (like some Casanova). I gave him a fake half smile, and continued to walk by. Finally, I knew I had to go in and see him. When I entered the room he proceeded to say "How you doin" (I swear it was just like Joey from Friends, except the Charles Manson version). "I'm fine sir. My name is Jessica, I'm going to be your nurse today. What brings you to the ER?" I couldn't believe what he said next. "I think you're really pretty...I like big girls." I looked over my shoulder to see if anyone had heard, and prayed no one had.  I didn't know how I should react , so I just said "gee thanks." "No Miss...I didn't mean anything bad by it, I just really like bigger women." I didn't know if I should be ticked-off, flattered, or start vomiting. "Look Sir, can you just tell me why you are here?" "Oh, my back hurts", he said. I left the room and sat down at the nurse's station. I looked over at my friend Kim, "you'll never guess what this guy said to me." I told her the story and started laughing. She jokingly asked if I wanted her to go talk to him. Before I could answer back, he was standing in front of us. "Look Miss I'm really not trying to offend you...I just like BIG Women." He didn't say it just once, he repeatedly kept saying it over and over again. I couldn't respond. Speechless, I  just couldn't say anything. I just kept laughing. At this point everyone was standing around the nurse's station, hearing how big and beautiful I was. It wasn't a big secret that I was overweight, now it was just out in the open. Could it get any worse! Then I heard a stern voice say, "Sir get back to your room!  Do you know how inappropriate you sound! You just get back there right now!" Kim was on fire (almost literally). He started up again, I told him to "please go to his room...that's enough." Kim fired back, "You've got three seconds to get back to your room, or I'm having security throw you out!" Needless to say, he followed her command. Almost everyone was laughing (including me), except for Kim. I think she could have kicked his a**. Anyway, he was discharged home and never heard from again (at least not this week). LOL!
                                Have a good night!


Anonymous said...

Omg.... I laughed so hard at this my side is aching.Gotta love those toothless men!

Megan said...


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