Saturday, August 21, 2010


   I'm very excited about my new job! I'm working as a nurse of course, but I'm going in a totally different direction. I will be working in the Cath Lab Care Unit, which basically means I'll be caring for pre and post heart caths (mostly posts). The process to get the job has taken a couple of months. I've been very anxious about the whole thing. When I got the news, it felt like a million pounds had been lifted. The only thing I regret, is leaving all my friends. I've been in the ER for eight years in October, it's hard to believe. I truly feel this job has shaped me as a person, because eight years ago I was a totally different individual. I'm no longer a quiet backward push-over. Now, I'm like a lab/pit bull mix (do you understand). A year it's taken me to come to this decision, but I know it's for the best. No longer will I be missing holidays, or weekend outings. I'm FREE! Well, not totally. I couldn't say goodbye completely to the ER, so I'm going casual. This will make a total of three jobs I have now (I also work as an instructor for a local community college). I'll keep you updated on the new job. I plan on doing an ER tribute before I leave.

   Just some other updates. I'm behind on the office makeover, I'll get back to you when I'm closer to finishing. Also, the monster cookies I promised did not turn out. I have to check and see where I messed-up.

   Lastly, for some humor (maybe not for some). You've gotta watch this. Please pause the music at the bottom of the blog before playing.

I think Dave might be speechless too.


Kat from California said...

My daughter said...this is my kind of music. :)

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