Sunday, August 22, 2010

Visit to Grandma's House

  My grandmother has never let us call her "Grandma", we've always called her "Nanny". Then when my children were born, we were to call her "Marmee" (like in Little Women). Now I just call her "Darlene", her real name. Confusing, isn't it? Any who, this afternoon we stopped by her house to pick-up a food mill (I'm making spaghetti sauce this week). When we arrived, I realized there were many photo opportunities in her backyard. I was planning on posting "favorite things" tonight, however I thought this was more interesting. I apologize things have been kinda bland lately, so I'm going to try to spice it up a little bit. Just so you know, I will not be posting tomorrow. I'm working a long shift.

Have a good night. See you soon.


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